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Working with a Crestron Dealer: The Step-by-Step Process

Making your Client’s Dream Home a Reality is a Breeze

Homeowners these days want the latest and best features for their new living spaces – which most likely means they’re ready for smart home technology.  Smart homes are no longer a concept of the future; they’re in the here and now.

If you’re a builder or architect in the Memorial, TX area, you always want to design your clients the home they’ve been dreaming of owning.  But how can you incorporate new automated technology into their houses, when your knowledge on the matter is slim to none?

That’s what a Crestron dealer is here for.  You can make every smart home project a success when you have professional installers on your side.

In this blog, we’ve put together a guide to what the installation process looks like, and how it all goes down with a Crestron dealer on your team.

Read below to learn more.


Constant & Direct Communication

Your homeowners might have lots of hands on deck for their smart home project.  Interior designers, construction workers, builders – and then adding a Crestron dealer in the mix only brings more into the fold.

With so many collaborators working on one project, it’s easy for confusion and miscommunication to happen down the line.  Your Crestron installers ensure that everyone stays on the exact same page from the beginning of the project to when it’s finally completed.

You won’t have to worry about your clients changing their plans or wanting to make new upgrades and additions along the way – your installers are equipped to handle any hiccups or detours the plans might take.

They’ll work with you, your clients, and everyone else on board to guarantee that the home your clients envisioned, is the one they get.

Experienced Experts

With a Crestron dealer working with you, there’s no need to learn absolutely everything about smart home technology to meet your clients' needs.

Your installers will completely take care of the technology and automation installation part of the plans, so that you can focus on the building and construction.  They are experts who can give you the knowledge you need and will keep you involved by answering any questions you or your clients may have.

Nearly every day, there is a brand new smart tech feature or product ready to be installed and integrated in smart homes.  But how can you – or your homeowners – know which ones to trust?

Your Crestron dealer has the best advice and expertise over which brands and companies are great to work with, and which to steer clear from for specific projects.

You’ll never go into another construction or project blindly.  Your installers make sure that you will have the crucial information needed to create and finish the ultimate smart homes.

Customizable Smart Solutions

The greatest part about working with a Crestron installer?  There are endless smart features and technologies to offer your clients.

From smart lighting control, motorized window treatments, and alarm systems – your homeowners can integrate just about anything they imagine into their new spaces.

With stylish control panels and smart devices, it’s easier than ever to explain and demonstrate how their automation systems work and are controlled from one centralized source.  Crestron systems can be built upon as the years go by, so your clients have the freedom to start out small or more expansive with their construction plans.

Want to learn more about working with a Crestron dealer on your smart home projects, and what the process looks like?


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