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Do Smart Homes and Good Design Mix?

4 Design Ideas for A Sleek Modern Look

Smart home technology is everywhere.  From smart speakers to smart thermostats to smart cameras, there are a host of devices that can automate home functions and make everyday life simpler.  But as a designer, you don’t want a bunch of electronics or devices dominating your interiors.  Can the desire for the convenience and automation of modern smart devices mix with great design?

The answer is yes.  In fact, some of the new tech has beautiful industrial design that makes a statement. And other smart home technology can be discreetly incorporated without taking anything away from you and your clients’ design sense. 

Read on for 4 excellent ways to marry smart technology and style.


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Lighting Control

A lighting control system can add drama to a home, inside and out. Modern LED lighting has a wide range of dimming capability, and some can even adjust for color and color temperature. Specific lighting for highlighting artwork or built-ins can add a dash of style. The control keypads for lighting systems can also be as sleek and unobtrusive as you like, and blend with different color palettes.  Instead of banks of switches for many light groups, keypads can be customized and labeled to have one button control for a set of lights just the way the owner will use them. And with the wireless capabilities of some of today’s controls, they can be placed where you and your clients want them, not necessarily where the wiring is.

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades can be extremely convenient, and with the intelligence added by a home automation system, a smart addition to a home. Today’s designs hide the motor mechanisms so well that they can be smart design additions as well. If your project has big picture windows, a motorized shade installation that deftly manages the sunlight and the view through those windows at the appropriate times of day makes a smart design choice.

Smart Climate Control

Do your clients like the sleek modern look of a Nest thermostat? Indeed, many people install them for the way they look and the simplicity they bring to climate control. If your client wants one, by all means incorporate one into the design. Sometimes, however, placing a thermostat on a wall in the part of the house where it will work best isn’t the best aesthetic choice. Perhaps your client wants some favorite artwork or portraits in that space. The solution? Wireless thermostats, like those from our home automation partner Crestron, can be placed anywhere. Hidden temperature sensors can be placed in multiple zones in the house for accurate temperature reading and management. The thermostat can be placed where your client wants it, and of course it can be remotely managed through a smartphone or a home automation system.

Hidden Technology

Some clients may want technology in an area of the house where it’s not easy to integrate, like a TV in the bathroom. They may like to watch the news or other favorite show as they go about their morning routine. Sure, you can wall mount a TV in a bath, but that’s not typically a very appealing look. The neat way to incorporate a TV in a bath or dressing space is with a mirror TV like those from our partner Seura. The TV is inside the mirror, and the screen seemingly floats within the mirror. There are even smart mirror models available now with Bluetooth capability for audio and Alexa mirrors with built in smart speaker functionality that answer to voice commands.


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