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Smart Shades For The Smart Home

Beat the Houston Heat With Motorized Shades

Perhaps you’ve already invested in some home automation.  You may have a smart thermostat that you can control and program from your smartphone.  Maybe you have smart lights that go on and off at specific times or groups of lights that you can easily brighten or dim.  You may even have security cameras that alert you to presence or activity in your home or outside.

But there’s one piece that you may not have thought about to complete your very efficient – and convenient – smart home technology, and that’s motorized shades.  Of course, there are regular motorized shades that can go up and down at the push of a button on a remote or a smartphone app. But the advantages of automating your shades – making them smart – are more significant when you integrate them with your other smart technology. And with our Texas summer getting into full swing in Houston, smart shades can keep you cooler and more comfortable. 

Just keep reading to learn more.


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Automated Scenes

Motorized shades can play an integral role in your smart home.  Pairing it with a home automation system, like that of our partner Crestron, can create scenes for different activities and times of the day.  For example, a wake-up scene might open your shades partially to wake you to natural light, as well as turn on some lights in your bedroom and kitchen.  In the late evening, the shades can be raised automatically to admire the view in your backyard, with your landscape lighting coming on simultaneously.  

Energy Management

Smart shades partner perfectly with smart climate control.  Raising and lowering shades can be tied with HVAC control to ensure comfortable temperatures while also being efficient.  If you have an “Away” mode on your automation system, your shades can all be lowered, and the air conditioning temperature raised slightly to save energy while you’re not home.  Of course, this automation could be connected with smart lighting to enhance efficiency further.

Smart Control

Part of the beauty of connecting to home automation is you get the benefits of convenience but still retain individual control of components.  You may have your shades automated, but you can still raise and lower a window shade individually if you want more or less light. With a home automation system, the interface can be customized, so you know which button to press with no guessing.

If your hands are busy, like when you are cooking in the kitchen, your voice can be the remote control.  By integrating a smart speaker assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, a voice command can quickly set a scene like “Alexa, set cooking scene,” adjusting the temperature, lights, and window shades for the optimal combination you like.  Or just say “Alexa, raise kitchen window shade halfway,” and you can have more natural light without touching a remote. 


Are you ready for smart shades to complete your smart home?  Contact us today! We’ll show you the customized motorized shade options that work best for your home.