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Smart Home Design: What You Need to Know

Enjoy the Benefits of Smart Technology Today

Smart home automation offers so much opportunity for customization. It not only can make your property the custom home of your dreams, but it can also benefit you in ways that you may not have considered before. Incorporating smart home design into your Memorial, TX property can be great, but it also may be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

In this blog, we will look at some of the basics of smart home technology and where to begin.

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Distributed Audio

With a smart home system, you are able to distribute audio to various areas of your home, no matter the time or occasion. We’ll set up your preferred speakers in each room, and your music can follow you throughout the house.

Control your music from one source, like your smartphone or touchpad, and leave the rest of the work to the system.

Distributed audio is great for when you’re hosting a party and want the music to play both indoors and outside so that no matter where the guests are, everyone can enjoy the music. Many homeowners are happy with their decision to incorporate audio setups into their smart home design.

Climate Control

Did you know that smart homes can include remote temperature control? With smart technology, climate control can go beyond the manual thermostat you may be used to. Adjust your home’s temperature from the same touchscreen or smart device that you use to control all your other technology. Set a schedule for your system to adjust the temperature at certain times of day and monitor it while you’re away from your house so that you can see if you need to make an adjustment from wherever you are.

The beauty of smart home design is that it encompasses technology that is obvious and seen — like window shading and TVs — and also technology that is not so visible — like your temperature control.

Energy Efficiency

One benefit that surprises many people about smart technology is that it can reduce energy consumption. Find energy-efficiency and savings with your smart home system.

Set up sensors to detect heat, temperature, sunlight and more — and adjust your settings to respond appropriately. For example, set your motorized shades to close automatically when too much heat is detected in the room, adjust the AC when nobody is home, and schedule the lights to dim when natural light can be let in to brighten the area.

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