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What Is So Impressive About Smart Home Control?

Enjoy Added Convenience, Comfort and Peace of Mind

Smart home control transforms your lifestyle on a day-to-day basis by blending technology seamlessly into every aspect of your life. A tailored technology solution that guides you throughout the day for unrivaled convenience, comfort and peace of mind is the ultimate luxury for your River Oaks, TX, home. Intuitive control of lights, entertainment, climate and more lets you create the ideal environment at the press of a button whether you're getting ready for work or preparing to host friends and family.  

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Operational efficiency is just as important in the home as it is in the office. When you go about your day, think about the inefficiencies that aggravate you the most. It may be a light switch that is just too far for you to reach from the bed or couch. It may be the five remotes you need to power up your home theater system

Each of our Crestron smart homes is uniquely crafted to match our client needs. During a one-on-one consultation, you can air out your grievances, so we know your most significant pain points and preferences. We address each of these directly to create a seamless experience in your home through Crestron's vast array of options including elegant keypads, touchpads, handheld remotes, apps and voice control.  


Refined smart home control makes it easier for you to set the perfect ambiance at any time. Find the light settings you prefer for reading, watching movies, or having dinner with the family. Save them as smart scenes you can pull up at the press of a button or via a simple voice command when needed. 

Through easy-to-use motorized shades, take advantage of beautiful, restorative sunlight throughout the day. When watching a movie, close them without getting up to get rid of any glare. And if it gets too hot from the heat gain, have shades automatically close when the temperature hits a particular threshold.   

On your phone or touchpad, program your preferred temperatures depending on location or time of day; then synchronize your motorized shades with your climate control for the ultimate comfort. Motorized shades work with your thermostat to keep out the heat in the summer and keep warm air in during the winter. 

Peace of Mind  

Although there are a lot of cool smart home control features to talk about like playing music throughout the house at the press of a button or creating amazing lighting displays for the holidays, that’s not what drives a lot of people’s decision to invest in integrated technology. 

Leave the house with greater peace of mind with security features you take with you wherever you go. Do you want to know what’s happening back home when on vacation or at work? Take advantage of Crestron’s security features you can access from your smartphone at any time. 

Enjoy a security dashboard that lets you know if the garage door is closed, all doors are locked, and the alarm is activated. Even view live and recorded surveillance footage from the same mobile app to check that your home is just as you left it. 

Want to transform your space with custom smart home control? Our experienced team will work with you to design a solution with your needs in mind. Make your dream home a reality by calling us at (281) 907-9620 or filling out our contact form.