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3 New Audio Video Installation Ideas for Your Home

Consider These Trends Before Your Next AV Upgrade

As we entered the new decade in 2020, many of us may have asked ourselves how we could improve our lives with new year’s resolutions. Beyond the typical resolutions to upgrade oneself, have you also considered upgrading your home in The Woodlands, TX?

An audio video installation can not only bring your home into the new decade in style, but it can bring comfort and convenience to the way your entire family lives. From enjoying music as a family – or separately – to enjoying a soothing oasis after a long day, an AV upgrade will help.

Keep reading for three ideas to consider for your next AV upgrade, so your home’s entertainment can catch up with you in the new decade.

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Whole-Home Audio

Imagine the kids are in the upstairs game room, streaming their favorite songs on Pandora while you are downstairs in the kitchen playing relaxing jazz while preparing dinner. The same system controls both rooms of your home, and it’s all possible with a whole-home audio system.

You can program areas of your home into various zones, so different music is playing in each zone. Or, if you have a large get-together with friends in your home, you can set all zones to play the same music. Even your outdoor entertainment spaces can be included in this audio video installation solution.

Media Room

The entertainment space of your home in The Woodlands, TX, can be a place for the entire family with a multi-purpose media room or game room. Media rooms encourage sociability amongst the family, where everyone can gather, even if they’re doing different activities.

While you and your spouse are watching a movie on your 4K Ultra HD TV, the kids are cozy on the chaise lounges on their iPads. Or there’s a friendly game of billiards played while your favorite Spotify station streams through the in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers. Media rooms are fun for the whole family!

Wellness Spaces

One of the latest trends in AV is turning areas of the home into wellness spaces. Have your home theater or media turn into a relaxing oasis with the tap of a button. Your TV can play soothing nature sounds while the lights dim, the motorized shades lower, and the nature sounds pipe through the surround sound system. This would be perfect for a relaxing afternoon or a quick yoga session to chill out after a long day.

If you’re ready to bring one of these trends, or any other audio video installation ideas, to your property in The Woodlands, TX, call us today at (281) 907-9620 or fill out our online contact form to reach us. We can’t wait to help you bring innovation AV solutions to your home!