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Incorporate Smart Home Design into Your Clients’ Homes

There’s No Need to Avoid Tech When Smart Solutions Blend Seamlessly

Smart technology has become a buzzword in the building community, with many of our clients seeking these new and innovative technologies for their new-build homes or upgrade projects. Long gone are the days of clunky technology that interferes with interior design schemes.

Interior design considerations included in every home – lighting, shading, HVAC – can all be improved by adding smart technologies. Presently, there are many smart home design solutions that you can help your clients incorporate into their Memorial, TX properties.

Keep reading to learn how you can help your clients introduce smart interior design elements into their modern and sleek homes.

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There’s no need for bulky, eyesore light-switch plates in this day and age. One of our partner brands, Lutron, offers wall plates, dimmers, and controls that come in a variety of colors and finishes to coordinate with your clients’ projects. From ultra-modern to traditional, the finishes come in gloss, matte, satin or metal; the switch and dimmer styles are offered in conventional switch and toggle styles as well as newer architectural styles. Smart lighting can also work with any fixture your clients have in their homes, so there’s no need to worry about selecting from a limited fixture selection.

Motorized Shades

Shades and drapes add warmth and color to any room in your Memorial, TX clients’ homes. Motorized shades are stylish and convenient solutions that come in a variety of fabric and color options, so they’ll blend seamlessly into any home; no one will know they’re there! This smart home design solution has an added benefit of energy management, too. Timers can automatically be programmed, so motorized shades rise to let natural light in or out, depending on the season.

Smart Thermostats

You can help your clients save on energy costs and assist them in reducing their energy usage by incorporating smart thermostats and temperature sensors in their Memorial, TX homes. A smart thermostat is not only programmable, it can also learn homeowners’ preferences. If a homeowner enjoys the home being cooler in the evenings and changes the thermostat for a few evenings, the smart thermostat will learn this habit and set the home’s temperature automatically. These learning capabilities are very handy if, say, a client is home sick for the day. One-off temperature changes are easy to make at the thermostat or by using a smart device without affecting the rest of the schedule.

Your clients that desire a sleek and modern home don’t need to be afraid of smart home technologies cluttering their homes. Call us today at (281) 907-9620, chat with us using the box at the bottom of your browser, or use our online contact form to discuss the possibilities of smart home design for your Texas clients.