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Why and How to Integrate Landscape Lighting in Your Project

Craft Elegant, Comfortable and Safe Outdoor Living Spaces for Your Clients

Investing in a custom home takes a lot of a lot of time, money and trust. Since there are so many moving parts in the construction and design stage, it's no surprise outdoor lighting becomes an afterthought. That's a big problem since landscape lighting plays such a vital role in the home's curb appeal and livability.

The earlier that landscape lighting becomes a part of the process, the better you can integrate it into your Memorial, TX projects. Streamline the installation process with a technology partner like Refined Systems who can coordinate with all needed subcontractors.  We'll craft a custom solution that blends seamlessly with your design vision while fully meeting all of your high-end clients’ performance expectations.

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The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Turn your project into the marquee residence on the block through landscape lighting that offers a striking first impression. Highlight your space's best architectural features and add depth to outdoor spaces with layered lighting design. Spread lighting illuminates the general area while accent lighting is the one that will appeal most to designers and architects.

Through a variety of fixtures, some outlined below, integrate purposeful lighting design that emphasizes design elements—like gardens or sculptures—and the client’s favorite architectural features or components. Just as importantly, specialty fixtures are also there to eliminate unsightly shadows and improve overall comfort. Eliminate dark areas in the periphery created by gates or shrubs. Light up trees from both below and above to keep them from becoming a giant eyesore at night.

Though it’s not as integral to your specific role, it’s also worth mentioning the safety benefits of landscape lighting to your clients. By reducing shadows throughout the home’s outdoor areas, you reduce the risk of intruders and break-ins as well. Path lighting, in particular, eliminates tripping hazards and creates a more inviting atmosphere for guests.

How to Optimize Landscape Lighting

When it comes to landscape lighting, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong along the way. Having the right low-voltage cabling is the first step. All our landscape lighting includes high-performance solutions from Coastal Source discreetly hidden underground and behind walls. The reason we use Coastal Source cables is that they are watertight and include twist-on connectors to further prevent leaks.

Another thing that makes Coastal Source stand out is their wide range of lighting fixtures. You can choose between bullet lights, path lights, step lights and tiki torches, among others. This type of variety offers some unique benefits for your upcoming projects.

First of all, since discreet options are available, you don't have to worry about these lighting fixtures imposing on the home’s design. Meanwhile, each fixture serves a different role to help accomplish all the benefits outlined in the first section.

Step and path lights are vital in both overall curve appeal and also in enhancing your client's safety. Bullet lights and tiki torches are ideal for adding bold statements to outdoor spaces. Smaller accent lights are great for emphasizing specific decorations or even the home’s street number.

The last step is providing a natural control solution for your clients so they can take advantage of all these features. Incorporate timers set to astronomical clocks, so lights turn on when the sun sets and turn off when it rises. Sensors immediately light up paths for enhanced safety. Finally, via mobile apps or keypads, clients can turn lights on and off as needed if they want to feature different aspects of their home.

Want to find out how to integrate a successful landscape lighting solution in your next project? Reference Systems is your go-to technology partner for lighting, AV, control and more. Set up a consultation with our team by calling (888) 702-7800, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.